A bit of a kerfuffle

The best laid plans….. We got off the ship early as planned at 07:50 to pick up our luggage. When we got into the terminal building one of our suitcases was missing from the line  where it should have been 🙁 So after a posse of about 10 people searched unsuccessfully about 2000 suitcases we arrived at a theory that another passenger had taken ours by mistake – there was a very similar case to ours labelled 2 of 4 next to ours but no sign of the other 3.

The label showed they were going to a hotel in Tokyo about an hour away by taxi! The staff couldn’t contact them by mobile, so after filling in about 6 forms the solution was that the cruise line would ship the suitcase direct to our house once they got hold of it.

So a bit of a delay but once sorted we were off to Tokyo with a vengeance 😀


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