20/3/18 Miami

Lovely morning at Miami Beach. What a gorgeous place - some beautiful beachside homes along with the obligatory million pound yacht. The Art Deco architecture on Ocean Drive is amazing     Love the Miami cops   And the beach itself is huge and beautiful.   Love the Miami cops Now back to hotel for... Continue Reading →

17/3/18 Aruba

A fantastic trip snorkelling at Aruba. Two shallow ones at about 12 foot deep - then one further out to sea over a scuppered WW2 German shipwreck the Antilla. Biggish waves but so many fish. Then lunch on the boat and rum punch, rum and coke and a special cocktail made for us - delicious

16/3/18 Bonaire snorkelling

Went on a drift snorkelling trip in the marine park round Klein Bonaire- absolutely brilliant. Saw millions of fish and a humongous Moray eel - it was green, peeping out of a cave and it’s head was about 12 inches in diameter- amazing!! Klein Bonaire is like a desert island and was once owned by... Continue Reading →

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