Dubai 20/2/20 – desert safari

Started with a drive in our 4 wheel drive vehicle through Dubai on the way to Sharjah – another state in the UAE but where alcohol, shisha pipes and belly dancing are forbidden.

Dubai skyline


Saw this lovely mosque on the way


Then had an exhilarating ride over the sand dunes – pretty scary but great fun. Our driver was so skillful

On the way to the barbecue we stopped at a camel farm – bred for their meat and milk, and for the very few for racing.

This one was a champion racing camel and had his own little area – he looked very comfortable and happy

Next we drove back to Dubai. First thing was a camel ride – fortunately there was no face-planting on the gettting on and off but it was a close run thing.


Then a falconry show – but the falcon was not in the mood and wouldn’t come back – he kept landing on a shrub, so the falconer didn’t push it with him

We had a little go at shisha pipes and then photo op with the falcon

There was a delicious barbecue and a floor show

A Tanoura dancer – like the whirling dervish dance


A fire show which didn’t photograph well, and a belly dancer

Then the camels did a walk in the sunset – a great trip all round






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