7/3/18 Antigua beach

5 cruise ships in Antigua today! Caught a cab to Long Beach along with about 1000 other people. Because of the east coast weather it was the only beach you could swim at really so pretty busy but still great - blue sea, white sand what more can you ask for. Scary tree  

6/3/18 Barbados

Had a walk round Bridgetown then onto Carlisle beach at the Boaatyard. Lovely spot and great rum punch!! Too lively to snorkel due to waves following the east coast of USA storms. But great swimming Both of us lost our sunglasses!!! But a lovely young American retrieved them from the sea - don’t know how.... Continue Reading →

4/3/18 St Kitts

Basseterre the capital Went to South Friars Beach - quite lively sea so good fun swimming. On the drive to the beach you go over a mountain with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Caribbean Sea on the other. And get views of Frigate Bay with the Atlantic waves crashing... Continue Reading →

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