Salalah 24/2/20

A typical Omani town


Al Hosn Palace – the personal residence of the Sultan of Oman – the walls go on for miles


The springs of Ayn Razat – these natural mountain springs feed the Sultan’s palace and other areas

We briefly saw a wildcat in the caves but too quick to photograph


Lots of camels wandering around – they’re herded home at the end of the day

Taqah Castle – used to be a private residence for one of the tribal leaders. Now it’s a small museum showing how Omani people used to live until the 1970’s when they began getting the benefits of exporting oil.

Traditional Omani architecture


Next to the ruined city of Sumhuram – known in antiquity as Khor Rouri. The city was founded in the 1st century AD and occupies a brilliant position overlooking a beautiful lagoon in the Arabian Sea.


It was the centre of world trade for frankincense .

Then onto the frankincense souk


And a wander over to the beach – beautiful white sand but you’re not allowed to sunbathe


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