Cambodia – floating village and jungle temple

Went on a boat ride to Kompong Kleang floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake.



Stilt houses with over 20,000 people. Houses can be up to ten meters above the water. Has its own shops and schools and temples.

The lake goes from 15m at its height down to 500cm in January.

It wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the fish market

The black stuff is buffalo meat presume like biltong



Interesting to see the ladies brush the dust off the fish – very fish proud



Afterwards, Beng Mealea, a 900 year old sprawling jungle temple covering over one square kilometre. Real Indiana Jones stuff.



Final stop at Le Artisan D’Angkor, a social enterprise where young people are trained for free in woodworking, stone carving, silver work etc. Lovely place and beautiful products.



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