Tokyo part 3 – from the sublime to the ridiculous

Bit of a delay with this post!!

Back onto the train to Rikugien gardens – these were established in 1702 and are beautiful.

Lovely old tea houses

Then onto the train again to the Shinjuku area which is mad!! We were looking to find the Robot cafe and were told to look for some very bright signs – they were all very bright signs


Eventually found it and went into the show – it took tacky and kitsch to new levels but great fun

Next off to a bar for an ice cold beer


Really important Sumo match taking place in Mongolia between a Japanese champion and a Mongolian on the telly – people were watching it from outside the bar and the barmaid was videoing it on her phone! We got quite excited ourselves


After all this we got onto the train to the airport for a shower before getting onto flight home 😐

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